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What’s holding me back?

When you hesitate to do something, what are the reasons? First of all, Not sure it will success. We don’t want to start something that we don’t know if it’s going to work. We also hesitate when the price of success is too high. What if it doesn’t work out? You can’t be 100% sure of anything. And this is an unusual case where you want to do something even though it’s unlikely to work and the price is high. For example, independence fighters and democracy fighters did that in Korea. . They didn’t think their country was going to be independent and they were afraid of the military regime, but they did it anyway. That’s amazing.

It was the last study session of the ‘Chad Club’. ‘Chad Club’ is named after the first letter of Change or Die. It’s a group of people who are self-employed and want to figure out how to incorporate online marketing into their work. I don’t have an active business, but I’ve been a part of it to explore what I could do. The members’ businesses are diverse. There’s a Hanok-Stay( Korea Traditional House Style) operator, a handmade cake maker, a caregiving dispatcher, a health food maker with a workshop, an image consultant and more, but they all have the same desire to expand their businesses through blogging and social media marketing.

After the meeting, a small party was held to celebrate the achievements of the past three months. I felt like a bit of a stranger in the room as everyone shared their business concerns. I didn’t feel like an outsider because I wasn’t desperate for more income by increasing sales right away. However, I did make a small breakthrough and found one item that I would like to try in the future. That is to build a content platform for the 50,60s online. I’m not sure it’s going to pay the bills right away but it seems like a good idea for fun since I enjoy writing and I’m pretty good at teaching and video editing. It’s a little weird. I’m not creating content, I’m building a platform. I’m going to put my content on it.

This is the group of people who are there to earn an income but I’ve said something that makes me cringe. First of all, I said that I don’t want to be passionate about it. I wanted to do it because it was fun and meaningful for people in their 50s and 60s who are retired. I said that it would be nice to make money from the business but I know the difficulty of making money so I don’t want to put as much energy into it as I did when I was young. I also said that I have about 10 years left to live as actively so I want to live without being tied to anything.

There is no standard for what is right or wrong because people have different positions. But I think the purpose of business is not just to make money but also to have a good impact. Actually, I don’t have anything to say to them. I was asked a lot of questions about whether it would attract people or make money. But it’s not impossible. I don’t have any resources to give except for my time. Resources are people, time, and money, and they are interchangeable. I am not going to invest money or people in this platform, only my time.

I’ve spent most of my life craving money, achievement, and external recognition. And I’m honestly ready to break out of that rut. I guess that’s why I’m looking for more fun and meaningful things to do. When I look at myself these days I don’t want to be told what to do and let me go of the purpose of living. I only want to do what I like. But I feel like this is fun and energizing. Now that I’ve decided what I want to do, I’m going to do it. It’s not something I hesitate to do. First of all, I will enjoy the process rather than the result. The resource I’m putting into this is my time, not money or people. Luckily, I’m time rich.

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