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People whose lives look good

There are some lives that seem good. For me, it was the poet Liu Shihua. I envied his freedom, writing skills, and economic freedom to live just by writing. I also like the classical scholar Ko Mi-sook. Her desire to live a life of studying is challenged when she fails to get a professorship. She asks herself, “Do I want to be a professor or to live a life of studing?” When she came to the conclusion that she wanted to study. She created a study community and now has a structure where she can make a living just by studying.

And I have to add one more person to this list. Jang Myung-sook, the main character of the YouTube channel Milanona. The first image of her was an old lady with gray hair and a real big mouth. She was the first Korean fashion student to study abroad in Milan. And even now, in her 70s, she continues to mentor young people through her YouTube channel. My daughter mentioned her, so I looked up her content and found her fascinating. One word that describes her is “free and dignified dignity”.

There was a study that asked people on their deathbeds what they regretted most about their lives. The number one answer was “I wish I had lived my life to the fullest. Living as you wish means living freely. In that sense, it is probably the hope of most people to live freely and confidently without being judged. Yesterday, I had to access the company’s internal network so I stopped by the office where my junior works as a branch manager. He has a gentle personality and is always considerate of others. As we talked, I realized that all his choices were based on family first, company first, and his own desires took a backseat. He felt a little envious for me because I seem to be doing what I want to do. I guess it could be seen that way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but no matter what, I try to start something.

I don’t know how to do it but I gave my junior a tip to make it easier for him to start doing what he wants to do. I used the example that he had recently read the novel The Night Killer and had a vague desire to travel to Iceland.

First, explore specific possibilities Iceland may be near the North Pole, but traveling abroad is all about airfare and lodging. I searched for the cheapest round-trip flight to Reykjavik, Iceland, and found it to be $1.000. I found an Airbnb listing for about $600 for five nights and six days. I figured that if I added about $1,000 in local expenses, I could do it for about $3,000. Since it’s a long way away, it would take about two days to get there and back so he could take five days off work. When I asked him if he could afford to go, he was a little surprised. I think he realized that traveling to Iceland is not necessarily out of the question.

Second, plan it Once you’ve made up your mind, mark your calendar, create a specific timeline and funding plan. I’m pretty sure a branch manager’s salary would cover the cost of such a trip. Then book his flight and accommodation.

Third, execute Travel to Reykjavík, Iceland, on that date. However, it’s best to pick a date as early as possible. You don’t know what will happen if you delay. People’s initial enthusiasm tends to wane over time so if you have something you want to do, Start when you Think of It. If that doesn’t work, take out a piece of paper and jot down a plan so you’re more likely to stick to it.

If you want to do something at least start it, Then you won’t regret it when you die. And once you start, the rest is not as difficult as you think. As you work on something, it slowly picks up speed and before you know it, it’s finished. That’s the fun of living.

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